Introducing: BACON CREW

In the Kimchi department:

Might want to get on this...Some pretty interesting stuff going on with the bacon crew from Japan, super select Korean pop compilation from the mid 80's and early 90's. Get it while it's fresh!

Bacon Crew is a japanese group composed of 3 DJ's: @pootee @vinylbon @stttr and 2 graphic designers: @EVIL_SMELL and @fu_kin. Their motivation isn't typical: Besides an interest in music digging, they've come to express a very contemporary and novel aesthetic that emerges from their belief in technology and mainstream western newage popculture from the past 3 decades (their MOORE party in Osaka is named after Demi Moore and their crew name is named after Kevin Bacon). One of their main aesthetic references is the Brat pack. But this goes beyond today's nostalgic/vintage fetish, they embrace today's technological reality beyond its functionality by going as far as to extract an aesthetic value from it. Paralel to their faith in net art, another one of the defining characteristics of this posse is their continuous online presence, either via tumblr or twitter etc. Besides putting together the amazing korearic (Korean + Balearic) cd compilations, they claim their main activity is producing  "trashy collages, gifs and videos". 

Besides their Osaka Moore party, they throw the Bacon party in Tokyo, both of which allow them to preach their balearic oriental doctrine.

With no chance of finding anything "new" in Japan's much exploited music history, BACON crew took it to another level of digging 2 years ago when they started digging in Korean 80's and 90's pop/dance music archives only to strike pure gold as heard on the korearic (korean balearic) compilations. Check out samples here! 

Get your KorearicVinyl R.I.P Deja Vu edition and KorearicVinyl RIP 2  HERE!


HEADS UP - Young Marco

First time at SOJU, Amsterdam native DJ and producer Young Marco is dropping by for some promising aural experiences. Besides releases with  ESP Institute and Rush Hour, he's cooked up some pretty interesting mixes for noiseinmyhead and thepool. Check it out and be there!

Friday October 12th here at SOJU BAR